Blockmason Link, Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Blockchain Content Association Partner To Advance Korea’s Blockchain Software Development Industry

Blockmason Link, Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Blockchain Content Association Partner To Advance Korea’s Blockchain Software Development Industry

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Companies complete memorandum of understanding, collaborate to reduce the burdens faced by developers of blockchain-based games and other software

Blockmason, a leading developer of foundational, base-layer blockchain technologies, the Korea Mobile Game Association (“KMGA”) and the Korea Blockchain Content Association (“KBCCA”), today announced the signing of a three-party Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) and collaboration to advance the blockchain-based game development industry in Korea. Per the terms of the MOU, the companies are aiming to reduce the barriers faced by small and mid-size game developers when building games based on blockchain technologies.

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“We are excited to join forces with two organizations that are working hard to support and grow the nascent blockchain game and software development industries,” said Michael Chin, CEO of Blockmason. “The KMGA and KBCCA represent hundreds of startups employing thousands of developers. Together, we can help their member companies build innovative new games and other software products faster while also encouraging user adoption.”

Blockmason’s Link is a new blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that allows blockchain-based game developers to use programmatic blockchains in their applications without requiring any blockchain experience. With Link, developers can create games that interact with smart contracts and blockchains like any other web or mobile API. There are no cryptocurrencies to acquire, browser plugins to install or servers to maintain or monitor. A developer simply adds their smart contracts to Link and uses the resulting APIs in their game or app. At the heart of Link is BLINK, the utility token which provides Link users with API transaction capacity.

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About Blockmason

Blockmason is a world-class developer of blockchain technology, focused on building the foundational base-layer frameworks that support the blockchain revolution. Their first product, the Credit Protocol, provides a standardized, secure and reliable means for recording and permanently storing mutually-confirmed debt or credit obligations on the blockchain. Lndr, the first decentralized mobile app powered by the Credit Protocol, leverages the blockchain to allow friends to quickly record and settle casual debts and IOUs in dozens of currencies. Link, their latest innovation, simplifies development, improves user experience and increases the adoption of decentralized apps. To learn more about Blockmason, Link, the Credit Protocol, Lndr and their other technological developments, visit

About KMGA

The Korea Mobile Game Association is a leading association and non-profit organization which aims to promote sustainable growth for small to mid-sized indie game developers. With nearly 800 gaming companies forming its membership base, KMGA is the country’s largest game association in terms of membership.


The Korea Blockchain Content Association works to promote the development and advancement of blockchain software in Korea. The organization creates policies and proposals for the development of the blockchain ecosystem, as well as hosting educational events, technical exchanges and seminars.

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