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The Current Problem

For Developers

Blockchain development has a high barrier to entry. Developers must learn and code in new languages, undergo complex processes to sign, send, write to and retrieve data from the blockchain, and clear countless integration hurdles to add blockchain tech to existing systems.

For Users

For the casual user, interacting with blockchain-based apps is difficult, if not impossible. Before using an app, a user must first navigate cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, transfers, security challenges, browser plugins and much more.

Why Link is the Solution

No Blockchain Experience Required

Link makes blockchain development accessible to anyone with traditional programming experience. There’s also no servers or web infrastructure to maintain or monitor.

Just Like Any Other Web API

With Link, developers and users alike can interact with smart contracts like any other web API. There are no cryptocurrencies to acquire, browser plugins to install or other unnecessary hurdles.

A Familiar, Easier App Experience

Link allows developers to offers users a familiar and streamlined web-based user experience. The blockchain — and its complexities — are invisible to app users.

The Benefits of Using Link

Convenience & Ease of Use

Convenience & Ease of Use

Any software capable of using a web API can use your Link app, with no special libraries, tools, or blockchain knowledge required.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

Link features continuous, automated security monitoring of all infrastructure and associated apps.

Mobile Application Ready

Mobile Application Ready

Link enables and simplifies the creation of walletless mobile apps that seamlessly interact with the blockchain.

Managed, High-Availability Infrastructure

Managed, High-Availability Infrastructure

With Link, you don't need to build or maintain any servers, nodes or other infrastructure in order for people to use your decentralized apps.

Automated Documentation & Sample Code

Automated Documentation & Sample Code

Link generates, syncs and updates usage documentation and sample code for all registered apps and smart contracts.

Monitoring, Analytics & Data Visualization

Monitoring, Analytics & Data Visualization

Link helps you to understand exactly how your app is being used with detailed visualizations, logs, and insights.

Comparison Matrix

Link simplifies blockchain app development and use

Swipe to view Self-hosted Ethereum Node Infura Blockmason Link
Does the user need a browser extension or hardware wallet? + + -
Does the user need to buy Ether (ETH)? + + -
Does the user have to pay transaction or gas fees? + + -
Does the user need to explicitly approve every state change? + + -
Does the DApp need a specialized library? + + -
Does the DApp need a blockchain-specific authentication scheme? + + -
Does the developer need to manage any extra infrastructure? + - -

Development Roadmap


Link “Demo” Release - Fully-functional Product Demo

A completely functional end-to-end demonstration experience of linking a smart contract and using Link to execute functions on it.


TRON Blockchain Support Expansion

Link will expand to include support for smart contracts and decentralized apps on the TRON blockchain.

Oasis Labs Blockchain Support Expansion

Link will expand to include support for smart contracts and decentralized apps on Oasis Labs’ blockchain.

NEO Blockchain Support Expansion

Link will expand to include support for smart contracts and decentralized apps on the NEO blockchain.

Link “Developers” Release — Individual Developers Can Apply for Access

Individual developers who want to use their own smart contracts with Link can apply for access and begin using Link. Features including self-registration, polished and finished front-end user interface for managing Link apps, self-funding of Link accounts and more.

GoChain Blockchain Support Expansion

Link will expand to include support for smart contracts and decentralized apps on the GoChain blockchain.

EOS/EOSIO Blockchain Support Expansion

Link will expand to include support for smart contracts and decentralized apps on EOS/EOSIO-compatible blockchains.

Link “SMB” Release - Ready for Small to Medium-Sized Business Clients

Ready for small to medium-sized business clients who want to build or port some of their back-end infrastructure over to Link. Features including support for multiple users, access control, Link app usage analytics, deeper customization and more.


Link “Enterprise” Release - Ready for Enterprise-Scale Clients

Ready for enterprise-scale clients who are ready to use Link across hundreds or thousands of apps, users and clients. Features including single-sign-on, directory integration, auto-provisioning of accounts, highly detailed usage analytics, sophisticated filtering, sorting and search of apps, users and clients, individual access control and more.


Credential Vending Support

Link makes managing and monetizing smart contract applications easier than ever. If a developer so chooses, Link may sell licenses to use an app. Link will issue the paying user or client developer a credential to access the application. This credential can be restricted at the developer’s discretion, including limits on credential length, or transaction capacity.

Professional Standards Compliance

Security certification compliance is one of the most important—and difficult—aspects of marketing applications to larger businesses and enterprise customers. Many such businesses require compliance with any number of standards including SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and FIPS. Blockmason intends to pursue these certifications for Link, and may then manage compliance the applications registered with Link, saving developers significant time, energy, and money.

Custom-Requested and Private Blockchain Support

Based on client feedback and requests, Link will expand to support private programmable blockchains.

Smart Contracts Database + Link App Store

By registering so many smart contracts in one location, Link will make possible the formation of a massive open-source database of smart contracts with basic functions. For the first time, hybrid blockchain microservices will be possible, allowing developers to weave a complex tapestry of applications with each component precisely tuned to its unique function.


Anthony Di Iorio

Anthony Di Iorio

Founder & CEO of Decentral Inc., Co-Founder of Ethereum

A prominent figure in the blockchain technology space, Anthony is the Founder & CEO of Decentral Inc., the makers of Jaxx; and the co-founder of Ethereum. He has launched more than 10 companies, invested tens of millions of dollars in various industries and is an advisor to over a dozen companies.

Richard Kastelein

Richard Kastelein

Founder, Blockchain News

An industry-renowned speaker, author, publisher and innovator, Richard is the Founder of Blockchain News. He’s also Partner at CryptoAsset Design Group, where he’s helped to raise more than $200M.

Timothy Galebach

Timothy Galebach

Technical Advisor

Originally from Boston, Tim is a co-founder of Blockmason, a world-class developer of foundational blockchain technologies. He speaks six languages, has lived in eight countries, and has traveled to more than 50 nations.

Stephen Galebach

Stephen Galebach

Securities Attorney, Former US Dept. of Justice

A decorated attorney, Stephen has more than three decades’ experience serving the legal needs of tech companies. His career includes time as Senior Special Assistant to the US Attorney in the United States Department of Justice and as a White House legal policy advisor. Stephen received his J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School, during which time he served as Note Editor of the Harvard Law Review. He also holds a B.A. in economics from Yale University.

Orichal Partners

Orichal Partners

Blockchain Advisory Firm

Orichal Partners is a leader and advocate in the professional digital asset investment and advisory business. The partners at Orichal came from key roles at prestigious and reputable tier-1 financial institutions. In addition to bringing a wealth of financial experience, the team provides back-end advisory, consulting and analysis services.

Base Layer

Base Layer

Japan Market Advisor

Base Layer is the premier blockchain technology marketing and public relations agency serving the Japan market. A curator of influencers, live events and media, Base Layer helps Blockmason to connect with Japanese individuals and companies who are interested in blockchain technology.

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