Blockmason Link Exploring New Integration with Credit Protocol

Blockmason Link Exploring New Integration with Credit Protocol

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Blockmason is currently exploring a new way for more developers to utilize the Credit Protocol through Link APIs. Blockmason’s Credit Protocol is a standardized, reliable and secure method for recording and permanently storing debt and credit obligations on the blockchain.

Build New Applications

The Credit Protocol functions as a foundation for building decentralized applications that involve accounting, defaults, payables, receivables, or tracking any other form of financial obligation.

With these features, companies in finance, healthcare, energy, legal, retail, logistics, entertainment, and other industries can build their own decentralized applications and solutions to fit their needs.

Link Makes it Easier

Link enables and simplifies the creation of walletless apps that seamlessly interact with the blockchain through web APIs with no special libraries, tools, or blockchain knowledge required.

By utilizing both products together developers will have the means to create powerful applications quickly and securely. We are excited to explore the potential of this potent combination.