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Building Decentralized Apps: The Hard Way and the Easy Way

(Devhub Toronto / Lighthouse Labs Workshop)

Saturday April 27, 2019, 10AM – 4PM

**Note: this workshop is currently at capacity. However, you may still sign-up on a waitlist and we will notify you 2 days before the workshop date if a spot opens up. Thanks. **


2018 saw an explosion in the growth of smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps) and general interest in programmable blockchain technologies. In turn, the need for blockchain developers has also grown exponentially. This comprehensive workshop, geared towards mobile and web developers interested in blockchain technology, explores the different levels of smart contract complexity; from basic read and write transactions to more complex interactions including an in-depth analysis of smart contract design.

In this workshop, you will build DApps that interact with a programmable blockchain and smart contracts designed for managing:

  • Ownership authority – asserting who owns what in a collectible DApp
  • Tracking to-dos – Basic checklist of assignable tasks ( recorded to the blockchain

Once you have learned to build a DApp the “hard” way, we will introduce Link (by Blockmason), an application which makes interacting with, and even deploying, smart contracts significantly easier. You will then re-factor your DApp using Link — the “easy” way — and compare the two approaches.

Students completing the workshop will walk away having built a fully functioning DApp, along with a greater understanding and appreciation of the current challenges and complexities of interacting with smart contracts and the tools available to make smart contract development easier.

Workshop Overview

We will use web3.js, Solidity, Truffle, Ganache, MetaMask, Infura, the Ethereum testnet and Link in this workshop.

A simple front-end template will be provided for the DApps, which will then be used to:

  • Read from and write directly to the blockchain
  • Read from and write to a basic smart contract
  • Interact with smart contracts using Link

In addition, we will discuss smart contract design, specifically best practices around security pitfalls.


While this workshop is geared towards general mobile and web developers, the following prerequisites are recommended to get the most from this workshop:



However, Blockmason will cover 100% of the cost as a scholarship for participants who apply here, up to the maximum room capacity.  Registration is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


Devin Canterberry is a seasoned generalist with a deep background in applied cryptography. He is a steward of software craftsmanship and professionalism, applying sustainable and scalable practices to building libraries, applications, and teams. He has served as CTO for transportation services startup, Roadify; founder of Amused Pony Games (developer of Axes of Evil, the luxury zero-player RPG); Principal Software Engineer at Silent Circle (purveyor of encrypted communications); and Principal Software Engineer at (a scalable communications platform for sales teams). Currently based in Seattle, Devin is building the next generation of blockchain technology with Blockmason, laying the foundation for a new era of massively distributed applications.

Harish Raisinghani is a technology enthusiast with a passion for teaching and sharing. Prior to his role at Blockmason, he has worked as a systems engineer, software developer, product manager and sales support for startups and larger companies. Harish enjoys tinkering with blockchain technology and has experience building smart contracts and trading bots. At Blockmason, Harish manages business and product development.

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