Project Spotlight: MAS (Multi-media Alert System)

Project Spotlight: MAS (Multi-media Alert System)

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Project Spotlight: MAS (Multi-media Alert System)

We had several high-achieving teams use Blockmason Link during the competition, and we wanted to highlight a few of the projects that stood out.

MAS (Multi-media Alert System)

MAS is a program made to connect people around the world by using social media to map man-made and natural disasters in real-time. Facebook Graph API was used to scrape Facebook posts and the Twitter API was used to get statuses streaming with disaster filters. They used a homemade ML model using Tensorflow (trained on Google Cloud) to classify the statuses as disaster-related or not. Then they used the Microsoft Azure API to get location and name entities from the tweets. Using machine learning algorithms, they narrowed down the most accurate posts and classifies them based on the disaster (labels include earthquakes, explosions, etc.). These events are now displayed in real-time on an interactive map.

On the interactive map, the user can select events to learn more about; the app redirects the user where they can click on social media posts/news articles pertaining to the disaster. The final feature implemented on this page is a place where the user can safely donate some money to those affected by such disasters and their information is secure thanks to the use of Blockmason’s Link API.

MAS (Multi-media Alert System)2MAS (Multi-media Alert System)

The software intelligently navigated social media to find reliable data sources to scrape data from.

Read more about MAS here

We will be spotlighting more projects from Hack the North in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more details.